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IPM IIM Indore + JIPMAT AIR 01 2022

Deesa (Gujarat)

In September 2021, I signed up for the Rankers Batch of Percentile Classes. My path from a non-math student to JIPMAT AIR 1 and acceptance (IIM Indore) into one of India's most prominent universities has been tremendously exhilarating and also full of many highs and lows. However, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am support and faith never wavered. Additionally, very carefully crafted full length tests (FLTs) and baby mocks (BMs) provided exposure to the actual exam, which undoubtedly assisted in passing all of the IPMAT exams. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me and for your unwavering faith in me, sir and ma'am.


IPM IIM Indore 2022


I switched from a popular online coaching centre after I realised that their classes were not rigorous enough. Percentile Classes pleasantly surprised me with its meticulously planned classes schedule that helped maintain discipline in preparation. I joined Rankers Batch.  As a student appearing for my 12th class exams too, I didn’t have a lot of time for exclusive IPMAT study. With regard to this, Percentile classes helped me pace my own preparation. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam helped master tricky topics and provided handy techniques to tackle questions. Thanks for all the help, percentile.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Bhopal (MP)

I was a student of the Crash Course Batch of Percentile Classes. The Quant Lectures were straight-to-the-point and efficient, whereas the VA Lectures were more elaborative. The course material is appositely curated according to the difficulty level of IPMAT, along with PYQs. Each Mock was a perfect compilation of IPM level quant questions, and a focus-testing VA section. Moreover, Baby Mocks ensured deeper understanding of topics, and helped in quick revision. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am were always there when I needed guidance, and turned out to be my lamp on my path to IIM Indore.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Gorakhpur (U.P.)

When I ventured in a different arena apart from everyone else, I had many doubts because not much content is available on YouTube but when I got to know about Percentile Classes and after watching its videos I knew I can completely trust Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am. I joined Achievers GOLD Batch and during my preparation I faced many ups and downs, especially in English, but due to Priyanka Mam's pedagogy and guidance I became interested in learning English, the semester wise system of exams was a great challenge but because of Abhitesh Sir's study plan, the journey was easy, Super 300 series and Old is Gold series helped me realise my grey areas and revise concepts and the mocks helped a lot in time management and strategize approach. I can't thank Sir and Ma'am enough for making me clear IPMAT Indore.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

I joined the Rankers Batch in August and that's when I started my IPM journey. The guidance provided by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am kept me motivated throughout the year. Being taught in the live classes from the very basic and topic wise designed baby mocks helped in deeper understanding of each and every concept , be it of Maths or English. The most important part were the FLTs that helped to get the taste of the exam and develop strategies for the actual exam. I followed whatever they asked us to do, and I just can't thank them enough for helping me achieve my goals.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Satara (Maharashtra)

I joined Rankers Batch of Percentile Classes and it has been helpful in multiple ways. The guidance and experience provided by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam helped me a lot in my preparation. Also the material provided by the Percentile Classes was the most useful and it did help me solve some good-quality questions.


IPM IIM Indore 2022


I joined the Achievers Gold Batch of Percentile Classes in April 2021. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. The differentiated features of Percentile Classes like the doubt classes and the personal assistance provided by Abhitesh sir and Priyanka mam are just unparalleled. Besides, the rigorous classes and study material provided provides each student an opportunity to excel in their quants, verbal ability and logical reasoning. Abhitesh sir’s unique  way of teaching helped me clear each of the concepts deeply. Moreover, the guidance provided by him helped me boost my morale at the times of perplexities. To achieve our aim, we require a proper plan of action which was not only provided but also modified from time to time. The mocks of percentile classes are fairly standard . They help the students in finding their strengths and weaknesses in order to provide a final touch to their preparation. In a nutshell, I could never have been selected for IIM Indore without the assistance of Abhitesh sir and Priyanka mam.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Zirakpur (Punjab)

i joined Capsule Batch of Percentile Classes. PERCENTILE CLASSES was the main pillar for my preparation for iPMAT. The focus on quality over quantity is unmatched. The mocks prepare you well for the exam. Just listening to what is being done in class and writing the things necessary is more than enough to pass the exam. Moreover teachers here are very responsive and talked to me whenever I was feeling down or demotivated. In end if its iPMAT we are talking about Percentile classes is the best.


IPM IIM Ranchi 2022


If I were to compare preparing for IPM with a trek, then Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am would be the best Guides. Trekking requires a proper route map, an appropriate schedule, time tested strategies, consistent efforts and most importantly motivation. One can get all at Percentile Classes in the form of Pre-Planned Classes schedule along with Baby Mocks and Full Length Tests, constantly guidance provided by the teacher, 24*7 doubt clearance facility and one to one mentorship. Being the pioneers of IPM Coaching, the amount and quality of experience Sir and Ma'am bring to the table exceeds expectations.


IPM IIM Indore 2022


I enrolled in the Capsule Gold Batch of Percentile Classes after I reviewed their free content on YouTube. I could see how hardworking Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am are so I trusted them for my IPMAT preparation.
Their sheets are more than enough for the preparation and their live lectures and doubt solving classes will cover every topic you need to prepare. 
They even provided schedules which I followed religiously. Abhitesh Sir’s guidance has been extremely helpful. He has always given me realistic and motivating advice which has played a big part in my selection.


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Jhalawar (Rajasthan)

I joined the Percentile Classes Capsule Gold Batch and it was the best decision as I have been selected in IPMAT Indore.

My experience with Percentile Classes was super good as I have already been a JEE student and studied in Kota (factory) I know that what teachers there make you go through, but after taking drop year and joining Percentile Classes I get mentorship which was kind of very unique because you can directly contact teachers and both Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am are super experienced at making students learn things easily and taking through overall excellent studying experience.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022


My Journey to IIM, when I thought was over then Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am entered my life as my guardian angels and completely changed the course of my career for the better. Being a Partial Dropper (already studying B.Com(H) in Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University), I joined Rankers Gold Batch and since then there was no looking back. Under the guidance of Abhitesh sir and Priyanka ma’am, I was able to steer through the tedious journey. Never did I feel that I was alone in my preparation. While taking the exam, whenever stuck on a question, the tricks and tips taught by sir and ma’am came to my rescue. I’ll always be indebted to sir and ma’am for their relentless efforts of helping me chase my dream.


IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2022

Panna (M.P.)

I joined the Percentile Classes CAPSULE GOLD BATCH. I came to know about the percentile classes by their YouTube channel. The tricks and style of teaching by both "Abhitesh Sir" and "Priyanka Ma'am" was awesome. Their doubt sessions also helped me a lot throughout the preparation. The most important thing is that the affordable fee of Percentile Coaching was also helpful to me because of my economically weak background. The journey of IIM Bodhgaya was not that easy but because of my super teachers, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am, who made it possible to me. I'll be always grateful to the Sir and Ma'am for making my dream come true. Thank you so much Sir and Ma'am.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Jalgaon (Maharashtra)

I was lost and confused about my preparation for IPMAT in September last year. Then I discussed with Abhitesh Sir about how to plan. I enrolled in the Rankers' Batch of Percentile Classes. Lectures were held live, and it helped to solve doubts and understand concepts clearly. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am made the learning fun with their easy explanation of the concept. They were both always ready to help and provide support. They guided me after every mock on how to maximize my score. Mocks were on par with those at the IPMAT level. The study materials were up to the mark, and solving them five times gave me the required confidence for the exam. With their guidance, I finally made it to IIM Rohtak. I was lucky to enrol in Percentile classes and am very grateful to Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am for their efforts.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Morena (MP)

I have a great experience with Percentile Classes. I have joined the Crash Course. The teaching method of Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam was amazing. They are very helpful and motivating. As I was weak in English , English Bridge Course helped me a lot to improve my English. The mock test also helped me a lot. The material provided by them included everything which was necessary for the exam. Their guidance is very valuable that I will follow in my future as well. I consider myself very lucky that I joined Percentile Classes and with the help of both sir and mam today I am able to join IIM ROHTAK.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Chakdaha (West Bengal)

Honestly, being a dropper I felt the need to have a special guidance along with my preparation .I joined Percentile Classes Rankers Gold Batch with that in mind ,and honestly-it's among my best decision till now. The lenient explanation of even the complex topics by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am and the doubt sessions helped me to  clear my concepts . Also, the mocks of Percentile Classes helped to keep my preparation in track and rectify my faults, and helped me to identify the topics where I should focus more ;most importantly- The weekly advises from Abhitesh Sir ignited my fuel and boost my self confidence .
I cannot thank Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam enough , and the life lesson I received - NO SUBSTITUTE TO HARDWORK


IPM IIM Indore 2022

Bina (M.P)

My experience with Percentile classes has been very Exciting as well as full of new Challenges and Experiences. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam were very motivating and guided me as teachers as well as mentors. I joined the Warrior Batch which helped throughout my journey of preparation. The mock tests and sheets are according to the level of actual exam which gives you experience of real exam. I can't thank both sir and ma'am enough, Without them my selection wouldn't have been possible.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Mandsaur (MP)

I joined Percentile Classes in the month of August 2021 in Rankers Gold Batch. I got to know about Percentile Classes from YouTube. The study material and mocks of Percentile Classes are complete in itself . The way I was taught the concept was very easy to understand and Most important benefits about Percentile Classes is that Abhitesh sir and Priyanka mam was always there to solve my doubts and  help me out throughout my preparation. The journey of IIM Rohtak was not that easy but the support of Abhitesh sir and Priyanka mam made it  possible for me.




I joined percentile classes after my first attempt at IPMAT .I am very grateful I stumbled upon Abhitesh Sir's videos on YouTube a year ago. The course Rankers Gold was detailed yet concise and proved to be a great help for my preparation. Sir and ma'am weren't just teachers but true gurus when it came to teaching, discipline and motivation. I would recommend the course for all aspirants, droppers as well as freshers. Thank you mam and sir for all your support!


IPM IIM Indore 2022


I’m a partial dropper and joined Percentile Classes Rankers batch which helped me in structuring my preparation be it in the form of schedules or baby mocks. The personal guidance ,attention and motivation which every student lacks these days is something which I got here. Verbal plays an important role in the cut offs and the classes helped me memorise the idioms, phrases and improved my vocabulary as well.


IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2022

New Delhi

I feel it was one of the best decisions to join Percentile Classes as it made my dream come true, to be in an IIM. I joined the Capsule Gold Batch 2021. The pedagogy followed by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am led to the coverage of syllabus easily. The study material provided was in accordance to the IPMAT level, even the mocks were set a cut above. The 5 time revision rule really helped me to ace Maths and in English Bridge Course worked wonders for me. Abhitesh Sir was a constant support throughout the journey. I attribute Percentile Classes for my selection.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Narmadapuram (MP)

I am enrolled in the Achievers Gold Batch of Percentile Classes and my experience with them has been amazing. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam are like the spirits from heaven who helped me sail through the tiresome preparation phase. The high quality mocks, exceptional live classes (specially their pedagogy), and the constant moral and psychological support, everything has been extremely helpful in my preparation. I practised all the sheets, exercises and all the material they suggested us. The baby mocks helped me to clear my topic wise understanding and the exam level mocks helped me to prepare for the worst. 
I believe Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam's guidance and cheerful nature helped me to clear the exam. I can't thank them enough, without them my selection wouldn't have been possible


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Dewas (M.P)

I joined Capsule Gold Batch of Percentile Classes. It has been one of the best decisions of my life . The journey to IPM was not easy it was full of highs and lows but one thing that helped me to sail through  smoothly  was the constant support of Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am. Their guidance , mentorship and motivational sessions helped me towards unpredictable exams like IPMAT. I cannot thank them enough. I was able to crack IPM and get into IIM Rohtak only because of Percentile Classes.


IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2022

Agra (UP)

Percentile Classes has been very helpful throughout my IPM preparation. I joined Rankers Batch on 14th august 2021. After which I started preparing rigorously. Abhitesh Sir, with his experience, guided me well throughout my preparation and kept me motivated. Priyanka Ma'am VA lectures were a blessing. The Maths sheets had various difficulty levels whose repeated practice made my command over maths very strong. The VA and RC sheets were also very relevant to the IPMAT exams. Finally coming to the mocks. The mocks were difficult as compared to the actual paper which made sure I was ready for anything and everything. I am grateful Percentile classes was an integral part of my IPM journey.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2022

Raigarh (CG)

I enrolled in Percentile Classes in September (Rankers Gold Batch) and then it has been a wonderful journey of ups and downs. I am really thankful to Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam for guiding me  thorough this way till making place in an IIM . The best part is that we had Live classes with Interactive session. All the doubts were solved with help of sir and mam.  Mock are designed in such a way that it includes every difficulty level mocks , it was  similar to the real exam. Mocks really helped me get to  consistent.
At last all the hard work made by me ,sir and mam is worth it. Finally into the dream college makes me feel very overwhelmed and happy 
Thank you so much Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am.


IPM Indore 2021


My experience with Percentile Classes has been fabulous. During the Two Years batch that I dedicated for my IPMAT preparation, I learnt the indispensable shills of time management and the importance of hardwork. The mock tests helped me in getting familiar with the pattern of the IPM examination and develop a strategy for solving questions in limited timeframe of the exam. The timely doubt clearing and Abhitesh Sir's way of teaching made it easier to understand even the difficult topics of Mathematics. Priyanka Ma'am focused on basic along with the advanced topics in English which proved to be of great help. I believe that it was because of Sir and Ma'am guidance that I was able to clear the IPMAT exam of IIM Indore.


IPM IIM Indore 2021


I am associated with Percentile Classes for Two years from the 2019 Crash Course. I got to know about the IPM program through the Percentile Classes YouTube channel. I saw free arithmetic classes of Abhitesh sir teaching maths and RC-10 series of Priyanka Madam teaching English available on YouTube. I liked their teaching methods, so I enrolled in the course and started preparing. Abhitesh sir and Priyanka Madam helped me throughout the preparation. I  learned from them there is no substitute for hard work and always have a plan-B. I practised according to their suggestions (completing sheets times and revising them, reading newspaper daily to improve vocab, analysing mocks) which made my concepts strong. The mocks provided helped gauge my preparation. Baby mocks helped me clear my understanding topic wise. Full-length tests helped me to manage time and figure out the right strategy for attempting the test


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


It was a great experience to be a part of Percentile classes. I Joined Percentile Classes Crash Course.

Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka ma'am were extremely motivating throughout the duration of the course. They kept Guiding us from time to time and constantly helped us by sharing tips  and tricks that helped to streamline  my preparation Shifted from Pune to Bangalore this August.

Going to IIM Rohtak and leaving Christ Bangalore.


IPM IIM Indore 2021 (Ghaziabad)

PERCENTILE CLASSES has been a blessing for me . Being a dropper, it was necessary for me that I go for the best possible prep course. I opted for the mocks for the previous year but was unable to crack the exam, however the level of mocks and the professionalism made it clear that the full course will be worth it. So, this time I decided to join the Capsule Course. The top-of-the-line mocks, the video lectures, the constant support of Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am, everything has been extremely valuable and constructive in my preparation. The numerous mocks provided give you the perfect opportunity to tune yourself with the exam pattern and make your strategy and even if you don’t score marks in the mocks the motivating nature of Abhitesh Sir will never let you down. 
The video lectures and live classes allow you to get a comprehensive understanding of each topic, be it Maths or English. I can’t thank Sir and Ma’am enough; without them my selection would not have been possible.


IPM IIM Jammu 2022


Joining Percentile Classes has been a blessing for me. I enrolled into Rankers Batch and started my preparation for my dream college. My mentors, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am paved my way to a right direction and today I have made it into my dream college, IIM Jammu. The whole percentile journey was full of crest, sometimes there were ups and downs but the right mentor knows the best to bring you up. Being honest towards my mentor and following them word to word had literally helped me to come out of with flying colours. Attending Percentile Online Classes, solving sheets number of times, appearing mocks and analysing it, attending doubt classes had really made the preparation smooth. Thank you so much sir and ma'am. Highly grateful to you!!!

Arnav Jethi

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I joined the Crash Course of Percentile Classes and it has been a blessing for me. The strategy of Abhitesh sir is very appropriate and modifiable in every situation. This has been a challenging year due to the postponement of exams and uncertainty, but the way sir made us all deal with it has been commendable. He had a plan B for every situation and it worked every time. The concept of baby mocks after every topic makes one a master in that topic and the course material provided is second to none. The way the faculty conducts the sessions is simply perfect and it encourages one to work even harder. Really recommended for aspirants.

Shaurya Sharma

IPM IIM Indore 2021


I joined the Capsule Course had an amazing journey throughout my time at Percentile classes. It is amazing to see how much I have gained in such a short time from Abhitesh sir and Priyanka ma'am. They guided me regularly throughout my preparation and also cleared whatever doubts I had. Their videos on YouTube also motivated me to work harder and give my best. All the study material which includes Mocks , Baby mocks, practice sheets, recordings and many more have been really helpful to me for my preparation. Thank you sir and ma'am for everything.

Sanskar Jain

IPM IIM Indore 2021


I was associated with another big coaching before joining percentile classes, but I used to follow Abhitesh Sir on YouTube. He used to upload maths sessions and come live back then. As I followed his videos, I understood what actually comes in the exam is far different from what we are being taught. I contacted sir about it and told him about my wish to join percentile classes. I guess that was it, my IPMAT journey changed for ever from that moment. I joined Two Year IPM 2021 Batch. I religiously followed him and Priyanka Ma'am throughout the year, did everything what they told us, be it about attending live classes or revising every sheets at least 5 times. In a nutshell, If I didn't have this top notch content and guidance by Abhitesh Sir, I wouldn't have cleared this exam! So, Thankyouuu so very much Sir and Ma'am for everything!


IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2022

Bijnor (U.P.)

I am enrolled in the Capsule Gold Batch of Percentile Classes in November 2021 and my whole experience with the Percentile Classes was astounding. joining Percentile Classes is one of the best decisions I have ever made, finest study material, high-quality mocks, interesting live classes, and one-to-one mentorship with my mentor Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam have made it much easier for me to succeed in the examination. They both not only just taught me how to study productively, but also how to keep working hard throughout life and also to be consistent in my preparation.  
The guidance and moral and psychological support provided by the Percentile Classes has been extremely beneficial in my preparation, without them I can't think of clearing my IPMAT exam.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I feel immense pleasure to express my gratitude to PERCENTILE CLASSES. I was the first Two Year batch student and the experience in these 2 years has been a roller coaster ride for me, full of ups and downs but ABHITESH SIR and PRIYANKA MA'AM have always guided me whenever I needed them. The live lectures and doubt solving along with interactive sessions were crucial. Also the mocks are designed in a rigorous pattern which prepared me for the worst case scenario. And the consistent revision 5 times rule payed off. Finally getting into my dream college after the hard word really makes me elated. Thank you Sir and Ma'am. Grateful to you. 


IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2022

Asansol (West Bengal)

I joined Rankers Gold Batch. Percentile Classes has been very helpful in my IPMAT preparation. The lectures were very relevant to the questions that were asked in the exams. The mocks, which are imperative for the IPMAT preparation, were in line with the actual exam. The lectures aided my preparation by helping me grasp difficult concept with ease.

Saksham Singh

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I joined the Capsule Course of Percentile Classes. Experience at percentile classes was very enriching, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am were very supporting both academically and morally, there were many downfalls but with there guidance and extreme support I finally cracked it.


IPM IIM Indore 2021

(Guna M.P.)

After doing self - preparation for 2-3 months, I didn't saw the desired results coming and joined the One Year batch of Percentile Classes. This can be considered the best decision I made for my preparation. The dedication to teach by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am gave me an edge to excel in the Aptitude Test and the personal  assistance and mock interviews proved fruitful for the Personal Interview. Moreover, the Study Material was also designed keeping in mind the patterns of previous years. Lastly, the one year I spent with the mentors made me a better being.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I was a part of the Crash Course Batch. It was a memorable experience of my life to be a part of coaching that allowed me a ticket to my dream college. I joined Percentile classes after watching Abhitesh Sir’s videos on YouTube. He has a good sense of knowledge about IPMAT exam and he understands what the exam demands for. The Crash Course Module was precisely designed. The recordings, Live lectures and the telegram doubt groups were very much important contributors in my journey. As we know mocks are essential part of your preparation and no one other than Percentile classes understands this better. They have around 15 mocks for Rohtak with 20 Baby mocks by revising these mocks 5 times you boost your confidence. Abhitesh sir and Priyanka ma'am are always ready to help you. I troubled them lot but they happily helped me I would like to thank them as without them my story wouldn’t have IPM Rohtak as a part.

Kriti Soni

Symbiosis Pune 2021


Before joining Percentile Classes Rankers Batch. I was bit confused and tensed because of my stereotypic feeling for online classes but after joining percentile classes I felt that my decision of joining it was not wrong. We were getting weekly sessions , live classes and interactions with our mentors and the way sir and mam taught us was awesome . We got lot of mocks such as topic wise test , baby mocks, and full length which helped us ready to bear all the pressure at the time of exam. All this happened because of great effort of my mentors and parents. They have been the backbone of my preparation  emotionally and academically and always have helped me to cross  barriers I came across. I can never imagine my success without them. I would like to mention my gratitude and will be always grateful to my mentors Abhitesh sir and Priyanka mam who have helped me overcome the most scary topic that I always feared from Just consistent hardwork and following the valuable advise of my mentors have given me this prestigious opportunity.

Aryan Goel

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I started my new year i.e. 2021 by joining the Capsule Course at Percentile Classes thus heading off a perfect start for my IPMAT preparation.  The constant support and motivation that I got from teachers (by choice) as well as from the fellow students really made this journey interesting. The classes by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am very interactive thus making the whole environment propitious for an aspirant. 
The regular schedules that Abhitesh Sir provided kept me motivated and disciplined all the time. The syllabus was completed before time thus providing enough time for revision and examining the knowledge through baby mocks and FLTs . There's a lot of difference between just randomly solving the mocks and solving them through a perfect  strategy and the strategy that Abhitesh Sir told really helped me in improving my scores . All the fellow students acted as an IPMAT community by solving all the doubts and providing constant support. A big thanks to Percentile Classes and everyone associated with it for making this happen . This wouldn't have been possible without you all.


IPM IIM Indore 2021 (Shivpuri)

I joined the Percentile One Year Batch. I had a whole year to prepare for IPMAT. It was my second attempt, so I knew what mistakes I had committed earlier. I used to watch the Super 300 series on YouTube, and I was very impressed by the teaching style of Abhitesh Sir. I then decided to opt for Percentile Classes, and it was the best decision I made regarding my preparation. The live lessons were very interactive and covered each topic. Throughout the course, there were several baby mock tests and full-length mocks. Mock tests helped me get familiar with the pattern, and I learned about the difficulty of IPMAT. The study material that percentile classes provides is top-notch, based on previous years' questions, and matches the difficulty level of IPMAT.
Furthermore, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am motivated us throughout the journey and made us aware of our mistakes. Hadn't I joined percentile classes, I would not have been writing this.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I joined One Year Batch of Percentile Classes. The pedagogy and guidance provided by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam helped me crack exams. The material they provide contains variety of questions from each topic which helps you gain good grip on the concepts. The mocks provided are also same level as the exams' and this made my final exams go smooth. I am glad to choose this student friendly platform which helped me get into my dream college.

Kartikey Agarwal

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I joined Capsule Course of Percentile Classes. It helped me a lot with my preparation, especially with Mathematics and Reasoning. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am are truly very helpful and congenial teachers, and they were always available whenever I had any doubts. Without their guidance, I might not have managed to get into the colleges I desire.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


The amount of knowledge which Percentile Classes provide us is unexplainable. I started studying for IPMAT from Jan 2021 when I joined the Percentile Classes Capsule Course course and i guess that was by far the best decision. Every topic is explained in a detailed manner. Also the weekly motivation was a boon for the students. Thankyou Abhitesh sir and Priyanka Ma'am for your efforts that I selected in IPM Rohtak.


IPM IIM Indore 2021 (Lucknow)

First and foremost I'd like to thank Percentile Classes (Capsule Batch) for their tireless effort in helping us reach our destination. Guidance from Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am helped me staying on track and enjoying the process. The material provided by the classes and the lectures are extremely helpful considering that some of the questions in IPMAT were directly from lectures and sheets.
I thank them from bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021

(New Delhi)

I joined Crash Course batch of Percentile Classes to receive good quality of preparation since I knew that only self study will not help me to crack the IPM exam. I got in touch with Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am who guided me how to prepare in a planned and structured manner and also helped me a lot in solving my doubts. The lectures and study material were the most crucial things which helped me to achieve my goal. Endless numbers of mocks, Practice sheets and tests helped to improve my calculation skills and  working under pressure which resulted in aiming good marks and admission in IIM Rohtak . I think without the guidance of both Sir and Ma’am I would not have achieved this and I am blessed to study under their guidance.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


I joined the Capsule Course of Percentile Classes and undoubtedly it was a very great and rewarding experience. 
All the classes were systematically planned and the study material is top notch. I can't stress enough on how helpful the mocks were. We were also given timetables and  weekly schedules which helped me plan better.  Above all, Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am were guiding and motivating us throughout which was a great help. Thank you so much sir and ma'am. I really can't thank enough.

Sajal Zawar

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


Being at Percentile Classes Capsule Course has been a wonderful experience. Here I have learnt that success is a journey, not the destination and Percentile Classes has been consistent in making this journey mesmerizing.  Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam are very supportive and take great initiative to inculcate knowledge in students. Their dedication and sincerity really used to fuel my motivation to study. I have always looked up to them.  Along with academics, discussions about career, talks on financial literacy and best study material & test series allowed me to polish my talent & performance and have an overall development. Group discussions with other aspirants kept me updated and sorted out many doubts & queries. I have learnt the importance of helping each other and become a better person. Hardwork and Smart work are the "key", and Percentile classes are the "Key Makers"


IPM IIM Ranchi 2021 (Bardhaman)

After I had set IPMAT as my goal, I joined the One Year Batch of Percentile Classes last year and it paid off. The classes were organized in a very systematic way and the topics were revised multiple times through live classes. The opportunity to give mocks from the very beginning made me accustomed to the actual test in a great way. Finally, the mentorship that I recieved from Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am was the key factor I believe. I can't thank them enough for what they did for me.

Pancham Dua

IPM IIM Rohtak 2021


Well when I first got to know about IPMAT, there were only two things in everyone's mind with whom I talked about this exam, either they said, they didn't know about this exam or they said PERCENTILE CLASSES, when I contacted Abhitesh Sir ,He just made me understand the exam and that was when I joined Percentile Classes One Year Batch. The Live classes ,the mocks ,the baby mocks were quite challenging but made us prepare for the worst but when we went for the Final exam that was a piece of cake if we compare it to the mocks we had. In case of Live Classes the sessions by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am  kept us going thus made us consistent every time the exam got postponed. In the end I just want to Thank Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am for everything they did for us.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021 (Pune)

Infinite amounts of guidance ,support and motivation is what I have received since the moment I joined Percentile classes as a One Year Batch.
Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Maam helped me throughout my journey not only by teaching all the required topics in the best way possible but also by always being there to solve doubts ,making timetables which when followed sincerely would guarantee success and setting mocks that ensured that I was 100% ready for the exam.
I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve my goal of getting into IIM Rohtak.


IPM IIM Indore 2021 (New Delhi)

I enrolled in the One Year Course of Percentile Classes. I religiously followed the advice provided by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Maam. I revised the study material multiple times and gave the mocks. The baby  mocks and full length tests really help one to get in-depth analysis of one's weaknesses and strengths. The guidance support provided by Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am helped me covert IIM Indore.

Yash Pareek

IPM IIM Bodhgaya 2021 (Mumbai)

It was nothing less than serendipity that I chose to go about with my IPMAT preparations with Percentile Classes. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am are very erudite and easy to reach out. One of the important aspects about" Percentile classes" is the mock tests which are closest to the actual exams and the analysis too is indispensable. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am also provide weekly time tables which are easy to follow and entail growth in mock scores. Extremely grateful for their support, guidance and belief.


IPM IIM Rohtak 2021 (Kota)

I came to know about Percentile Classes through their YouTube channel and decided to join the Capsule Course to give a boost to my IPMAT preparation. And in hindsight, I think it was the right decision as with the help of the live classes during the course covering every topic and with perfectly planned mock tests which are at par with the actual exams, I was able to crack both the IPMAT exams(Indore and Rohtak). Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam's dedication and constant guidance made the preparation a lot more comfortable and easier.

Priyanshi Dave

IPM IIM Jammu 2021 (Mumbai)

I have been associated with Percentile classes through the One Year Batch and doing so has been a very fruitful decision for me. The short tricks taught in class by Abhitesh Sir proved very valuable to me during the actual exams. I learned how to actively solve English with the guidance of Priyanka Ma'am. The mocks were very well planned and closely resembled the actual exams I had appeared for. Percentile Classes has been one of the major reasons I achieved the results that I did this year.

Mayank Agrawal

IPM IIM Jammu 2021 (Morena)

I joined Percentile Classes One Year CoursePercentile Classes is one of the best and oldest coaching Institute for IPMAT exam. I am very thankful to Percentile Classes for helping me at different stages of my exam preparation. I would also like to say thanks to Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam for helping me.
I got mainly stuck at different levels but with the help of faculties I was able to clear all the obstacles. Without  Abhitesh sir, It is not possible for me to clear JIPMAT exam. I can't explain in words the role you played in my life . It is a great experience for me to join the percentile classes.
Thank you so much Sir and Mam.

Harshal Agrawal

Saint Xaviers College 2021 (Jalgaon)

I joined Capsule Course of Percentile Classes. When I contacted Abhitesh sir I got to know a lot of information about IPMAT and other competitive exams which I was unaware of. The study timetable given by sir was very helpful. The best thing about Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Mam is that even it was a Capsule course but they started teaching from the basics and then moved to a higher level. The guidance given by sir was incredible. The study material, mock test and Mock interview provided by percentile classes is outstanding. I am pleased that i joined percentile classes and not other coaching.


IPM IIM Ranchi 2021 (Jalandhar)

I joined One Year Batch at Percentile Classes. Percentile classes really helped me alot during my preparation. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am guidance sessions and personal mentorship to me helped me in preparing perfectly for the exam, they guided me on each step of my preparation  and gave me useful tips and insights for improving myself.

Priyanshu Sharma

IPM IIM Ranchi 2021 (Pune)

I first got to know about Percentile Classes through YouTube. Pleased with the content I decided to join One Year Batch with the risk of having everything online. After attending the initial live classes I was assured that my full year drop journey is in safe hands. ABHITESH SIR and PRIYANKA MA'AM, never met such mentors in my life. They are surely one of the best teachers to guide you through your IPM prep journey with all sorts of tips , tricks, mocks, strategies, study plans,  updated schedule and what not. I personally loved live interactions, beautiful topics explanation, after class guidance, motivational texts in the groups, top notch study material and real hands-on experience of IPM Mock tests and also after shortlisting mock interviews preparation. U name it and percentile classes has it all. With poor awareness n mentoring in my first attempt I know the value of quality teaching that Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am gave us. They work as hard as a student do. Also special mention to doubt solving groups, thanks to all peers who provided solutions within 30 min of doubt posted, healthy news discussions and debates, competition during mocks, everything just fueled my preparations. Pressure to achieve ur iim dream and self doubt are the part of journey, you got to not allow that to hamper your preparations. 
Every success story in percentile has this in common - PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION. Follow this and you will find yourself in IIM next year.

Thank you again percentile classes.


IPM IIM Ranchi 2021 (Bhopal)

I joined Percentile Classes after I decided to prepare for IPMAT as a career saver for me. I enrolled in Online CRASH COURSE Gold Batch. I knew about the time constraints and the gravity pertaining to IPMAT. I started almost from scratch and followed Abhitesh Sir’s schedule for Crash Course. Given the second wave and lockdown atmosphere, I occasionally revisited the Percentile Classes channel in order to keep myself motivated. Priyanka Ma’am indulged us in healthy discussions and strategy planning for boosting the Verbal Ability Section. My dedication combined with guidance provided at the institute me fare well in IPMAT-2021 and finally able to secure IIM Ranchi. Once Again, Thank You Percentile classes for being the harbinger to the thought “No substitute to Hardwork”.


IPM IIM Ranchi 2021 (Jaipur)

I joined One Year Batch of Percentile Classes for preparation of IPMAT. initially it was difficult to manage 12th and IPMAT preparation together but guidance of Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am really helped a lot to manage my studies. Lectures and doubt sessions were very interactive and Mock tests were like cherry on the cake, Percentile Classes mocks helped alot in my preparation days and I am very grateful that I joined Percentile Classes which helped me to get in such a reputed college. Thank you so much Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma’am.


IPM IIM Jammu 2021 (Dehradun)

I got to know about Percentile Classes from YouTube. I watched some demo lectures and was so fascinated by the pedagody that I decided to join One Year Batch from the month of April. Abhitesh Sir and Priyanka Ma'am are one of the best teachers I've ever encountered with. Besides the faculty, the best thing about percentile is the accuracy of mocks. The mocks really help you to give a real life experience of pressure and time management. The mocks are at par with the actual exam pattern and level of difficulty. Not only he used to teach but also tell us how to strategize in the actual exam.  The level of motivation I received from Abhitesh Sir is inexplicable. Still as a student of IIMJ, me and my batchmates from Percentile talk frequently about how hard Abhitesh Sir's talks used to hit us. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and great journey.

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